Surfaces of Art

Kitchen and Bath

Great interiors are like great art. Paintings draw you in seducing the eye with color and depth. Sculpture invites your touch running your hand across the surface.

Let us help you put the finishing touch on your home. Besides, who wouldn’t want a piece of art in their kitchen or bath?


Want your customers to notice your sense of taste? Work with our design team to add class and durability with the addition of waterjet-cut stone. Let us help you select the right product to put your signature on your building. We also offer architectural products such as wall cladding, baptismal fonts, memorials, and flooring or hand-etched artwork.

“I find myself standing in the kitchen for no reason at all just for the atmosphere that the countertops create! Your knowledge was something that helped us immensely and for that we are truly thankful.”
Tony and Cheryl, homeowners

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